Be Kind

Be kind in all things. We all have ledgers in life. We do good things and bad things and they add up. Often times we can be misguided. We sometimes just don’t know. The more kindness we show, the more kindness will be shown to us, especially when we may be wrong. You never know how simply being kind can turn someone’s day around. You never know just how much someone may need a kind word or deed. We all have good days and bad days, and outwardly it’s impossible for strangers to tell the difference.

When we are out on public lands, kindness can go even further. When on trails, when hunting or fishing, when boating, positive encounters set a tone. They can make or break a hard day. Beyond that, we can be guided by a philosophy.

Be kind to (most) plants. (Poison Ivy and the like, not so much.) As native plants struggle against invasive plants and their toxins, there may be a day soon where native plants cease to improve our landscape.

Be kind to (most) bugs. (Ticks and mosquitoes not withstanding.) They are struggling too, but their survival is on the line more so than ours. With some understanding we can realize that they all play a very important role in allowing splendid things to flourish.

Be kind to animals. They are being squeezed out of their homes and forced to survive under harsh conditions. Like us, they are just trying to live.

Be kind to people. Kindness can multiply and so can hate. The kindness you show can make a world of difference and can make all the difference in the world.

Be kind to the Earth. It is our only home. It holds all things that we know and love. The fragile ecosystems in it’s bosom are struggling just to exist. The natural spaces that we cherish may never fully recover from careless acts, but kindness shown to them can help them last so we and others can appreciate them for years.

Be kind to yourself. For kindness to be generated outward it must first start from within. Nothing on Earth is perfect and we are no exception. We must be kind to ourselves, forgiving of ourselves, and compassionate to ourselves. We can learn from our mistakes, forgive our transgressions, and help the world become a better place by first showing kindness to the one person that matters most to us: our-self.

Life is fleeting, but kindness can be eternal. The more you put out, the more good that radiates. When it’s time for the final ledger to be tallied, how will you score?

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