It’s Time to Choose Your Adventures!

When it comes to outdoor adventures, we want to know what drives your excitement and what you are interested in doing. What adventures will color your life? What will you look back on in 20 years? What activities are you interested in trying? We want to hear from you!

Whether you like camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, foraging, exploring, survival, outdoor cooking, foraging foods, we are here to show you the way from start to finish. With just about everything you need to participate provided for you, the sky is the limit! If you want to explore the ruins of the Ha Ha Tonka castle or the Welch Springs, play in the natural water park at Johnson’s Shut-Ins, see what’s hidden in the Devil’s Icebox, go spelunking in a cave, take a multi day canoe trip down a river and camp along the way, see the band of the Milky Way in the night sky at Kirksville, get up close and personal with our Elk herd, hike the Loess Bluffs, backpack the Ozark Trail or Katy Trail, practice wilderness survival in the state’s wilderness areas, hunt and prepare game, forage for food and learn to cook it, or just have a great time car camping and floating on a river, we do it all!

As we plan for 2020, your guidance matters to us. What adventures are important to you? Send us an email at with what excites you! As we consolidate responses, we will issue a survey to finalize before opening up our calendar for booking.

All adventures are guided by a Missouri Master Naturalist, experienced outdoors-person, and Leave No Trace certified instructor. Additionally, we provide thorough instruction on how to do things for yourself so you can share these experiences with your friends and family. We here at Show Me Outdoor Adventure have a deep and passionate connection to the natural world. Sharing this connection with others is what drives us. With so many great things to see and do in Missouri, there’s no better place to start your adventures! (Colorado and the rest of the west are awesome, but they are really far away and draw big crowds! Missouri is unquestionably the gem of the Midwest for the outdoors.) So tell us what you think and we will show you outdoor adventures!

One thought on “It’s Time to Choose Your Adventures!

  1. One of the trips will be the annual “Legend of the Blair Witch of Crystal Lake Ruins” Halloween camp out in October. There will be a costume party under the stars, campfires, a long and haunted trail hike with some old ruins, ghost stories around the campfire, some fun ‘camp-craft’, Dutch oven cooking, and other fall/Halloween themed festivities. If you are interested in going this year, 2019, send an email to When early bird tickets go on sale, you will be invited to sign up with special pricing.


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